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can you answer this question?

June 22, 2010  |  Giveaway  |  295 Comments

Why do you photograph?
by Kelly McMahon Willette

Is it to fill the need for a creative outlet? Is it a hobby? Is it a career? Is it for philanthropic purposes? Is it for profit? Is it just to get out of the house and away from the kiddos for a bit? This is the first question you need to ask yourself as a photographer….WHY do you photograph? What is the draw for you?

When I first started, it was to get out of the house….to have a hobby. That hobby took off (thank goodness), and my business grew like gangbusters, but I wasn’t really making any money at it. I LOVED it…I LOVED (and I still love) all of my clients, but I was barely breaking even at the end of the day.

After two years of playing around with my business….i got serious. I got serious about pricing, serious about charging rather than giving away my talent and serious about making a profit. I find that the money issue really is an issue for most photographers who are just starting out – especially for those whose photography business is born from a hobby.

Many people are afraid to admit that they like money. Artists seem particularly apt to dismiss any interest in money. Almost like there is shame in confessing that you create art for money. Well, I’m here to publicly admit, I work for money. I’m not embarrassed by this in the least. My business is not a charity. Though I do charity work and make charitable donations, I work for money. I don’t work and spend time away from my own children because I enjoy it (I do enjoy what I do…I enjoy it immensely), but if given the choice to work for free or sit around and read magazines for free, I would choose to sit around and read magazines. I don’t know many people (aside from clergy members and missionaries) who want to work for free (if they’re being completely honest with themselves).

Soooo…….I’ll ask you the question again, why do you photograph? Do you want to make money with your photography business? Is this why you started your business? Are you making money? What can you do to change your business if you’re not making money?

By getting my business organized, I was able to start turning profits. Though I still created works of art, unique for each family, I focused on analyzing sessions from a numbers standpoint. I paid attention to the amount of time I spent with a family while photographing. I paid attention to how I posed or loosely guided the children to the correct lighting situations for the portraits, and I paid attention to how many unique poses I did at a session.

After analyzing factors such as these, I was able to determine how much I made per session. I had mental checklists to help me maximize my profits. I stopped letting clients dictate when I would photograph for them….i learned to set boundaries for when I could photograph. After my business awakening, my sessions would only be offered on the mornings my son was in school. Then I didn’t have to worry about paying for childcare or worry about missing key events in my son’s life like soccer games and birthday parties. I found that clients respected these boundaries. T hey would pull their child out of school for the session once they understood why I didn’t photograph on the weekends.

I encourage you to really analyze your current photography workload. Do you feel that you are making as much profit as you can? Are you managing your time effectively? Do you see any areas in your business that could use some fine tuning to better benefit you? And the big eye opener for you…..what is your hourly rate? Do you know the answer to this? Do you know how much you make for every hour you work? This is not unlike attorneys tracking their billable hours. Start tracking this data. I promise that after you start paying attention to the figures, you will start earning more. Be aware of your time…value your time….and value your family’s time.

Bio: Kelly Mcmahon Willette is a photographer based in Ghent, Norfolk ,Virginia, and she helps other moms with cameras and photographers with her business products and workshops geared towards them. Her products include a series of seven posing guides, her business workshops, and her newest product, the photographer’s marketing calendar. Her blogsite contains weekly free downloads and photo tips. She makes a mean beef stew, can still remember/sing all the words to the Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere” and has learned to do most things with one hand since having her second baby this year. You can find her work and products at

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Are you in need of more photography business? Or, maybe you have steady business, but you’d love to book a ton of sessions in a hurry? Are you trying to reach out to new clients to grow your business?

This marketing calendar tool will help you uniquely market your business year round. The calendar provides 12 months of unique holidays that lend themselves to GREAT excuses to book a portrait session with YOU!

The beauty of all of these marketing ideas is that this calendar will enable you to market year round (especially during your usually slow months). Slow months will become a thing of the past for your business once you learn how to use the calendar to your business’ advantage.

this product is an immediate downloadable product presented in a pdf format.

it includes:

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and the winner is…

Congratulations to comment number 199~ Jennifer Rutledge…you are the lucky winner of the Addy Lane Vintage Tea actions!

For those who didn’t win~ Christy from Addy Lane is offering all Savvy readers 20% off the vintage tea actions for the next 48 hours…use the code SAVVY20. The code expires Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at noon.

We had fun yesterday baking something yummy and I was so excited to use the Addy Lane actions on these images~ love them!

The next images are using the painted green barnwood rug as a backdrop. I just got the rug in the mail and I will admit, I was disappointed when I opened it. I wanted to use it in my daughters room~ the color is not what I expected. It is not the green that matches her room, but it does photograph great! The colors turn out much better in images and it looks so much better in a picture. I love the barnwood rugs and the whitewood rugs in my home {very beachy feel}…the green is much better just for photographing. Here’s some quick pics.

The link to purchase the flooring is here.


and the winner is…

May 16, 2010  |  Giveaway  |  1 Comment
Congratulations to comment number 18, Rebecca Cook…you just won the Beach House Collection templates and a gallery wrap canvas from! {email me to collect}
Have a wonderful day~
Here’s a little beach inspired eye candy.

1. sea urchin vase
2. seashell chandelier
3. Sea horse print
4. Lilly Pulitzer Lilly Shift Dress
5. Lilly Pulitzer Scallop Shift Dress
6. Lilly Pulitizer Beach Bag


and the winners are…

May 9, 2010  |  Giveaway  |  26 Comments
I am amazed at all of the entries~ I was moved to tears every time I read through the comments. I think they were some of the most honest answers and truly from the heart!
I loved reading them! We think they should be published~ like in a book!
and here are the winners…

giveaway number 1~ comment 1099…Meredith Ensell
number 2~ comment 305…Jaidean Baker
number 3~ comment 289…Shelby Wright
number 4~comment 1276…F.C. Smith
number 5~ comment 1248…Melissa Simmons
number 6~ comment 134…marie leslie
comment 937…megan evans
comment 1197…beth brocker
comment 135…Christy Schmid
comment 692…bowbabybowtique
number 7~comment 610 Meghan Poort
number 8~comment 3…Jennifer Puckett
number 9~ comment 545…Jen Dwyer
number 10~ comment 15…Brooke Cooper
comment 1009…Robin Fox
number 11~comment 126…Tracey Lapin
number 12~comment 775…Elisa Baker
number 13~comment 599… Ana Guerrero
number 14~ comment 59… Rachel Clarke
number 15~ comment 76…Bree Vracic
number 16~ comment 257…Jamie Brokus
number 17~ comment 43…Penny Burns
number 18~ comment 364…Vicki Putnam
number 19~ comment 1005…Amy Neubauer
number 20~ comment 740…Kim Hill
number 21~ comment 801…Leah Simmers
number 22~ comment 195…Dawn Gans Frydi
number 23~ comment 660…Pamela Tapping
number 24~ comment 1399…Samatha Scheel
number 25~ comment 148…Tiffany Larson
number 26~ comment 1207 Ernestine Treu
number 27~ comment 162…Sara D (Omaha)
number 28~comment 719…Daizy Kayz
comment 93…Caroline Dahle
number 29~ comment 977…Dorie Howell
number 30~ comment 477…Stacy Reiman
number 31~ comment 442…Nicole Nelson
comment 599… Ana Guerrero
comment 1425…Kristin Pribyla
comment 636…Melissa Ranieri
comment 1213…Julie Weissmueller
number 32~ comment 165…Jennie Gaskins
number 33~ comment 370 Cammi J (Texas)
number 34~ comment 1331…Lori Stringer
number 35~ comment 493…Aubrea Schupp
number 36~ comment 791…Julie Woolridge
number 37~comment 804…Kimberly Lyons

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Thank you for being a supporter of the Savvy!


The Amazing Mother’s Day Giveaway~

May 8, 2010  |  Giveaway  |  1,437 Comments

Welcome to the Savvy Photographer Mother’s Day Giveaway!

We are thrilled to announce the fabulous giveaways~ but first we must go over the rules. You may enter only one time~ the comments must be moderated by me before they appear on the blog…if you don’t see your comment right away it is because it has to be moderated. I will only moderate the comments twice a day {while on vacation} so please be patient if you do not see your comment right away. Remember, only one comment per person. I can not control if your comment does not show up or if for some reason you are having trouble leaving a comment. There is nothing I can do unfortunately.
I do hope you all spread the word about the giveaway…follow us on twitter, tweet, “like” us on facebook, tell all of your forum friends about the giveaways.

For your entry, you must leave one comment and answer one of the following…

1. what was the best piece of advice your mom gave you?

2. what would you tell your mom now if you could {and if you still have that chance, have you told her? what is stopping you?
3. what is the one thing you would want your children to know about you if you weren’t around?

Just answer one and leave one comment with that answer.
How the contest works… we will randomly draw numbers on We will start with giveaway number one and draw a winner for each giveaway in order. The winners will be posted with the winning number of the prize they won. The winners are responsible for contacting the company to claim their prize. Contact us only if you have trouble claiming your prize.

The contest ends at 3pm eastern time zone. The winners will be announced at 5 pm eastern time zone.

Have fun and good luck!
Most of all~ have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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are you ready for this?

May 7, 2010  |  Giveaway  |  37 Comments

Come back Saturday morning to see all the goodies that our fabulous sponsors are giving away! Contest rules will be posted on Saturday morning at 8am eastern time. We would love for you all to spread the word about the Mother’s Day giveaway! Copy the above flyer and post on your blog or facebook page…and tweet away during the contest! We love when you gossip about us!

and the winner is…

April 28, 2010  |  Giveaway  |  5 Comments

Congratulations to Kattrina Holt from SassaFrassPhotography
{comment number 251}
She was the lucky winner of the great giveaway from Easy as Pie!
Weren’t the lucky winner but desperate to get your hands on a copy of Easy As Pie and Pastry School? Become a friend on Alicia’s facebook page and have another opportunity to win a copy! Alicia is giving away 5 more copies of her book today! Add as friend for more details! :)

{it’s a giveaway!!}

April 27, 2010  |  Giveaway  |  398 Comments

Alicia Caine is giving one lucky Savvy reader a fabulous giveaway! Here’s how to enter…

Become a follower on twitter and tweet this… The Savvy Photographer + Easy as Pie= Giveaway!

Become a fan on Facebook of The Savvy Photographer! {doesn’t becoming a fan sound better than “like”…that feels so middle school}

Spread the word on your favorite forum about the giveaway!

Then come back here to leave your comment for each thing you did…and you might just win this fabulous pricing guide from Easy as Pie.

I’ve had the chance to review the pricing guide and the pastry school…it’s really a great pricing guide and such an enjoyable read! Alicia does a great job balancing being a full time mom and a business woman! Her pastry school is so inspiring on how to balance it all…something most of us moms struggle with daily.

Good luck with the giveaway! The contest ends tomorrow, Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 9am eastern time. The winner will be announced at 10am eastern.

Here’s the link for Easy as Pie and the Pastry School.